May Your Guiding Light Be Strong ft Amanda May - TSP003

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You can learn a lot from a strong female entrepreneur who is also a sweet spiritual guru type who knows as much about persistence and profit as she does about phytocosmetics. In this episode, I'm excited to have my great co-host, Amanda May, share her story. Her journey is important for people who want to do well in business and for those facing tough times. During our honest and entertaining conversation, Amanda tells us about her hard times, like going through a divorce and struggling with drugs, but also about her successes in business and her personal life. Amanda is an executive at my company, Genesis Lifestyle Medicine, but also the CEO of Public Beauty. She is a strong, capable woman who excels in business, relationships, and every area of life. You will get a lot of value from who she is, what she’s done, and what she has to say.