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Struggle, success, and becoming superman.

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Struggle, Success, and Becoming Superman

What do you want?

Do you you want cars?

Do you want a multimillion dollar company?

Do you want to scale your medical business to 40 locations in 17 states in order to generate 8-figures or more?

(I'm doing that now. It's fun!)

What do you REALLY want?”

Maybe you just want to be damn good at what you do.

Maybe you want to feel good about yourself.

Maybe you want to think, “God, I love my life”!”


What are you going to do to get it?

I played for my high school’s soccer and rugby teams. Both teams were elite level – we won national championships my junior and senior years.

I was obsessed with athletics back then, hyper-proud of my contribution to those teams, and would not have given up my place on the field for anything – especially since allowing me to play sports was the “payment” my parents gave me for working my “full time job,” which was to get highest possible grades in every single class – no matter how many hours of “overtime” that required.

But then, in a game against a rival school, I tore my ACL..

When the orthopedic surgeon told me I’d never play the same way again (which was code for, “from here on out, you’re going to suck”) it felt like my heart was torn out.

I hadn’t been born with elite level talent for sports. I had made it onto the team – and onto the field – because of Herculean hard work and freight-train-like determination.

But now it seemed like hope was lost. I had been derailed by a factor that was 100 percent outside my control. I felt discouraged, dejected, and wanted to punch my fist through a window.But, later that week, I experienced what – for me – was a historical moment.

I had been venting to my grandfather. When I finished talking, he looked at me and said – not as a matter of opinion, but of fact – “You’ll overcome, Alex.”

“You’re Superman.”

It’s hard to describe the impact of his words on me.

Here was a man I loved.

Here was a man I respected.

Here was a man I knew was himself both a good man and a badass mother fucker.

His support and encouragement meant the world to me.

His words galvanized me.

I decided to press on and find someone who could help me. Six months later, I was back on the field and in fine form.

Ever since that time, I’ve had the phrase “You’re Superman, Alex” ringing in my heart and mind.It’s been a constant reminder to me that…
Whatever I want…

…No matter what…

I can go after it.

And I can get it!

It’s the mindset that got me through an Ivy League University and international medical school.

It’s the mindset that got took me from living on Aldi food in a one-bedroom apartment in Las Vegas to living in upscale Dallas and driving a McLaren.

It’s the mindset that helped me transform a single medical practice into Genesis Lifestyle Medicine, a multi-million-dollar enterprise with 40 locations in 17 states.

(Did I mention I fun how fun it's been?)

It's the mindset that has driven my acquisition of seven more medically-related businesses, each generating more than 7-figures in revenue.

The thing is, every time I hear “You’re Superman, Alex,” I don’t just think of what I can accomplish.

I think of my grandfather and how he helped me……and I think about how I can – and should – help other people.

Maybe I’m supposed to help you.


There’s a great line in the Superman movie.

Superman’s just about to start his mission as the Man of Steel, the great hero of Earth.

He’s in his Fortress of Solitude; and his dad, Jor-El, says this to him:

"You will give the people of Earth an ideal to strive towards. They will race behind you, they will stumble, they will fall. But in time, they will join you in the sun, Kal-El. In time, you will help them accomplish wonders."

Listen…I am NOT saying that I’m the ideal that people should strive toward.

I’m NOT saying that the Human Race should race behind me! (I’m arrogant…but not that arrogant!)

But I am saying that if you’re like me… you do stumble and fall.

You do crash and burn sometimes.

But if you let me, I think I can help you – in the words of Jor-El – “Accomplish wonders”

What I want in life is to maximize my personal potential. And I want to help others to discover their own limitless possibilities.

I want to help people who are just beginning to go after the goals and dreams...

...and I want to help people who have already experienced success personally and professional and who just want to keep elevating their standards

I want to teach anyone and everyone who is willing three things:

1. How to own your life...how to figure out what you want to do, who you want to become, what problem you want to solve and what you want to be great at.
2. How to maximize the operations of your medical business and scale it; adding multiple locations and increasing revenue to 7-figures or more.
3. How to overcome anything to get what you want – having the mindset to conquer doubt, fear, lack of confidence, not knowing what you need to know, not even knowing what questions you need to ask.

If you want me to come alongside you…

As a mentor…

As your Professor X...

…your Mr. Miyagi

…your Yoda...

....I want to do it.

There are four ways for us to connect:

1. Follow my social media accounts - I can't guarantee I'm going to see every message, but I make a real effort to respond to as many people as I can
2. Sign up for my weekly newsletter -  I provide guidance on life and business, motivation, special information, and opportunities.
3. Join the medical mastermind I help lead [More information soon - in the meantime, just DM @dralexspinoso on Instagram: "Medical Mastermind"]
4. Contact me through the coaching or consulting page -especially if you are a medical entrepreneur who is interested in selling your business or scaling it.

Listen…I don’t know who you areI don’t know your life story….…the specific circumstances of your situation....

....or the challenges you face right now...

But I know this:

If you take ownership of your life....

If you learn to operate to operate at elite levels…

...the reality is...

“You’ll overcome.”

“Because you’re Superman.”

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Own your life.
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Overcome anything.

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