Don't Freak Out (Just Control The Controllables) - TSP018

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In this episode, I share a story about a guy who stressed endlessly about things he couldn't control, like the weather. Sound familiar? I use his story to shed light on how many of us waste energy worrying about stuff beyond our grasp, whether it's ever-changing policies or global chaos. But here's the kicker: fixating on the unchangeable is pointless. Instead, I advocate for focusing on what we can control—our own actions and decisions. By honing in on personal growth, business success, and community impact, we can make a real difference.

I break it down into three simple steps: control your actions, focus on what's within reach, and if you have the power, use it to influence the world positively. It's a game-changer for both business and life, helping you stay sane and successful amidst the chaos.