200 Million Dollars (20 Minutes At a Time) - Ep 57

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45 Min Listen

In this episode, I'm zooming in on a crucial 20-minute segment that can significantly impact the success of your business: the consultation before a customer purchases any service from Genesis or any other company. We'll dive into the importance of these consultations, which are essentially conversations where we understand the customer's needs and explain how our products or services can address those needs.

Every clinic, regardless of industry, has its version of a "consultation." This isn't just about selling; it's about building a foundation of trust with potential customers. People only buy from you if they trust you. If they don’t, they'll never spend a dollar on your services. Building that trust means being honest, not pushing products or services that customers don’t need, and ensuring the solution you offer genuinely addresses their problems.

Welcome to The Spinoso Podcast hosted by CEO, doctor, comic book geek, and car guy, Alex Spinoso. I help people and companies grow - especially in the medical business. While my experience and expertise is in scaling all types of medical businesses to 7, 8, 9-figures or more, I can be a mentor to anyone who wants to take ownership of their lives, become a better leader at home and at work, and overcome any obstacle that stands in their way.

(0:00) - Intro

(1:06) - Overview

(3:56) - Good news

(4:36) - The consult

(10:28) - Follow-up

(11:16) - You need to be honest

(14:34) - Empower your clients to make a decision

(22:02) - Ask questions

(24:40) - Your offer should tie into their happiness

(26:46) - Effective framework to have a consultation

(36:06) - How should follow-ups look?

(40:24) - Realize the full picture

(43:41) - Conclusion

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